Spectrum-Scan™: defining a new category of LiDAR

Baraja is not a conventional LiDAR company. Pulling together technologies from different industries, we harness physics to create the world's first simple, elegant solution to scanning LiDAR.

No rotating lasers, no moving mirrors

Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR

Baraja LiDAR connects a wavelength-tuneable laser (“Engine”) to prism-like optics (“Sensorheads”) using robust optic fiber cable. When light reaches the optics, it is naturally deflected in different directions: no rotating lasers or moving mirrors required.

By changing the color – or wavelength – of the laser, the system can scan different angles instantaneously, with unparalleled detail and adaptability.

How LiDAR works

An introduction to LiDAR

High-performance, long-range LiDAR sensors are essential for the AV revolution, but existing systems are cumbersome, unreliable and expensive – and in many cases are built on fundamentally unscalable technologies.

These limitations can all be traced back to a single design challenge common to all LiDAR systems: Scanning. That is, how to get a laser, which points in a single direction, to point in every direction the car needs to see?

Legacy LiDAR Scanning methods physically rotate the laser to aim it, or bounce the light off moving mirrors that angle the beam to scan the roadway. These delicate moving parts struggle to survive in vehicles due to constant shock and vibration, requiring costly engineering to house and protect them. Even still, reliability remains poor and system failures are common. All of these problems have the same root cause: Scanning.

Beam Scanning is a universal challenge of any LiDAR system, and one so formidable that only brute-force solutions have existed – until now.

Baraja’s breakthrough approach with Spectrum-Scan™, harnesses simple high-school physics: exploiting the interaction of light and prisms. When light enters a prism, through the process of refraction, the beam is sent off in a new direction. By varying the color, or wavelength, of light, Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR obtains complete control over the direction the light is sent. This means our Scanners are nothing more than simple pieces of glass: no complicated rotating lasers or delicate dancing mirrors.

How did we get here? We travelled a different path. The basis of Baraja’s Spectrum-Scan™ technology was pioneered in telecommunications to solve an entirely different problem, and Baraja’s founders got to thinking: where else could these tools be used? A few experiments later, Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR was born.

Baraja LiDAR is built using mature components sourced from the telecommunications and automotive industry supply chains — industries with stringent demands on quality, ensuring that all components are reliable and ready for mass production. For Baraja, this translates into a LiDAR system that is industrialized and scalable by default.

Baraja’s mission is to deliver LiDAR to support the autonomous vehicle revolution. We represent a small piece of a giant puzzle — an audacious, ambitious race to transform human mobility and in doing so, change society for the better. We inhabit an industry driving some of the brightest minds to overcome herculean challenges – and we want to help. If you want to partner to change the world, please contact us below.

We move light so that you can move mountains.

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A technical introduction to Baraja Spectrum-Scan™.

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