Self-driving cars are hard. Your choice of LiDAR shouldn’t be.

We've invented a new type of LiDAR called Spectrum-Scan™ which delivers the highest performance available to address the challenges of self driving cars. We move light, so that you can move mountains.

A new standard for LiDAR

Pioneering the future

Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR opens up a whole new way to perceive the world, offering unmatched performance and control, helping you create AI perception that is superhuman.

Long Range

Exceptional detail at long range provides precious seconds for making safety-critical decisions at highway speeds on dark objects over 200 meters away.


Variable resolution and full API control. Trigger instant, inertialess changes in resolution and scan pattern. Detail where you need – configurable how you want. Designed to be AI-driven.


Leveraging mature, volume supply chains from both automotive and telecommunications, Baraja LiDAR is industrialized, designed for manufacture and scalable to meet the needs of the AV industry.

One size does not fit all

Modular, Configurable Sensor Suite

Different AV challenges demand different LiDAR configurations. Don’t compromise: Baraja LiDAR is modular, meaning you can design the system to suit your FoV and packaging needs. LiDAR that conforms to your vehicle, not the other way around.