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At the core of all our products is our patented Spectrum-Scan™ technology which uniquely uses wavelength-tunable lasers to scan the environment. The design innovation means we’ve removed the most expensive, bulky and failure-prone components in a LiDAR system – mechanical scanning in the fast axis.

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Spectrum HD
Samples available 2022
A generational leap for automotive LiDAR

Spectrum HD Utilizes Barajas’s proprietary Spectrum-Scan™ solid-state scanning mechanism, bringing per-point doppler velocity without the traditional trade-offs faced by FMCW LiDAR systems to help bridge critical gaps in achieving L4 autonomy. Spectrum HD delivers this incredible performance in a package small enough for discreet vehicle integration and meets the automotive standards and cost targets for high volume commercial deployment.

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Doppler measurement
Per-Point doppler velocity measurement
Speckle-free & blur-free doppler measurement enabled
Designed for automotive integration
Wafer scale technology
Fast axis beam steering, Transmitter & receiver on chip
Long-range object detection
Maximum range >250m
Range to 10% reflective Lambertian target, >90% detection probability.
Dynamic resolution
Independent and on-the-fly configurable
Spectrum HD
Available now
A breakthrough in resolution

Whether you’re expanding today’s fleet or developing for the next generation of consumer vehicles, Spectrum HD offers an unfair advantage in the autonomous future.

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Long-range object detection
Absolute Max Range
Ultra high-resolution
Max Points Density
1150 pts/deg²
Data you can trust
Interference Immunity
4 levels immunity
Full coverage field-of-view
Vertical Fast Axis
Solid State
Spectrum Off-Road
Sep 2022
Designed for the toughest conditions

Developed alongside one of our trusted mining partners, Spectrum Off-Road is where Spectrum-Scan™ technology meets the toughest standards in durability, ruggedization and reliability. With a field tested, inherently reliable scanning mechanism, Spectrum-Scan™ technology meets comprehensive independent testing and verification for shock resistance, longevity, and operation in the harshest environments.

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Built for Ruggedization
Operational Temperature
-40˚C to +85˚C
Built for Ruggedization
Shock Rating
Engine 40G & Sensorhead 100G
Points Per Second
Full coverage field-of-view
Vertical Fast Axis
Solid State
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A technical introduction to Baraja Spectrum-Scan™


Baraja’s Spectrum-Scan™ technology enables 10 advantages solving challenges facing legacy FMCW LiDAR technology.

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