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A clear path to a fully autonomous future

To enable autonomous vehicles that are safer, more accessible and ready for the next generation of vehicles, we've built a LiDAR capable of object detection at long range, with data you can trust and designed for automotive integration suitable for mass production programs.

How we're solving legacy LiDAR problems

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Accurate object detection at long-range

Baraja delivers more accurate object detection at long-range with four key advantages: Better effective range, 2000 channel vertical axis, the ability to foveate resolution on-the-fly and per-point Doppler velocity.

Data you can trust

For LiDAR pointcloud to provide data your perception stack can trust, you need a system that has full interference immunity and has overcome speckle and blur in the pointcloud. Our Spectrum-Scan™ technology was built with these solutions at its core.

Designed for automotive integration

Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ architecture was designed to meet and exceed critical automotive targets for performance, cost, size, durability and lifespan. Utilising true solid-state scanning in the fast axis, our systems have field-proven reliability and a clear roadmap to what we call 'Endgame LiDAR' - discreet, cost-effective and super-high performance.

Our Products
Spectrum-Scan™ Technology

At the core of all our products is our patented Spectrum-Scan™ technology which uniquely uses wavelength-tunable lasers to scan the environment. The design innovation means we’ve removed the most expensive, bulky and failure-prone components in a LiDAR system – mechanical scanning in the fast axis.

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