Spectrum HD25

A generational leap for automotive LiDAR, Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ technology now with per-point doppler velocity.

Transformative LiDAR technology

Spectrum HD25 utilizes Baraja’s proprietary Spectrum-Scan™ solid-state scanning mechanism, bringing per-point Doppler velocity without the traditional trade-offs faced by FMCW LiDAR systems to help bridge critical gaps in achieving full autonomy. Spectrum HD25 delivers this incredible performance in a package small enough for discreet vehicle integration and meets the automotive standards and cost targets for high volume commercial deployment.

LiDAR Performance Characteristics
Designed for automotive integration
Highly integrated core components
Wafer scale technology
Fast axis beam steering, transmitter & receiver on chip
Doppler measurement
Per-Point Doppler velocity measurement
Speckle-free & blur-free doppler measurement enabled
Built for automotive integration
Built for reliability & functional safety
Built according to ISO26262 & ISO16750
Long-range object detection
Maximum range
Range to 10% reflective Lambertian target, >90% detection probability.
Minimum range
Dynamic resolution
Independent and on-the-fly configurable
Ultra-high resolution
Horizontal resolution
on-the-fly user configurable
Vertical resolution
On-the-fly user configurable
Field of view
120°h x 25°v
User configurable
*Baraja reserves the right to make changes to design and specification without further notice to any products herein
Designed for Automotive integration
Per-point Doppler velocity

By measuring the Doppler shift of returning light for each point in the pointcloud we can detect whether an object is in motion and calculate its speed. This data can be used to detect movement at a distance, such as a pedestrian stepping out of a stationary crowd into the road. And while other LiDAR relies on software processing to infer this information, our measurement is built into hardware.

Interference immunity

Traditional LiDAR systems are vulnerable to interference from external light sources, in particular other LiDAR sensors, a major obstacle to safely putting autonomous vehicles on the road.

The Spectrum-Scan™ platform is the first LiDAR with a unique built-in immunity to all interference. A signal would have to match the exact timing, angle, wavelength and encoding to interfere with our system. This multi-layered protection means no more blind spots in perception and enhanced safety that’s ready for tomorrow’s sensor-filled world.

Automotive durability

Our core innovation of solid-state scanning in the fast axis, using only a laser and a prism, means we’re a generation ahead in terms of performance and reliability. By removing the mechanical components most prone to failure, our sensors easily exceed the stringent automotive requirements for shock resistance and longevity.

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