Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ : the Basics

At the core of all our products is our patented Spectrum-Scan™ technology which uniquely uses wavelength-tunable lasers to scan the environment. The design innovation means we’ve removed the most expensive, bulky and failure-prone components in a LiDAR system – mechanical scanning in the fast axis.

Baraja Software Defined LiDAR

Baraja’s Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR is built using mature wavelength-tuning technology. It leverages proven off-the-shelf telecom components and allows for a flexible, software-defined LiDAR that exploits the wavelength property of light for opto-electrical beamsteering.

Foveation pointcloud

With “on-the-fly” foveation, the Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ platform can instantly adjust its scanning patterns and increase the resolution around critical objects, such as pedestrians and other vehicles, to accurately track them as they move.

Interference to Immunity

Traditional LiDAR systems are vulnerable to interference from external light sources, in particular other LiDAR sensors, a major obstacle to safely putting autonomous vehicles on the road. The Spectrum-Scan™ platform is the first LiDAR with a unique built-in immunity to all interference.

Better detection at longer range

Long-range perception is paramount to safe driving, but sensitivity alone is a misleading metric if the data doesn’t lead to accurate detection. Our Spectrum-Scan™ system combines improvements in sensitivity, resolution, beam divergence, accuracy and precision to ensure you can classify even small objects at maximum range.