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We’re passionate inventors, engineers and specialists on a mission to bring together the brightest minds to help us solve complex problems and keep innovating as we grow.

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Company values
Hustle to Deliver on Hard & Meaningful Problems

From day one we’ve been solving technological challenges that have never been solved before. We create a workspace where everyone feels like they can do the kind of work that adds up to something meaningful and we're obsessed about delivering this value to the world through our products.

Building the Machine that Builds the Machine

On many levels, the machine is Baraja: its people, its products, its novel technology, the way we approach design for manufacturing. One cannot exist without the other, and we're thoughtful about each and all. This value is recursive and hence investing in this machine delivers exponential value.

Sustained High Performance

The people we work with are not only exceptionally talented and hard working, but together we invest in feedback, learning, playing and sharing together. All social bonds that allow us to love what we do for the long run.

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