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Spectrum HD25

The core innovation of Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ technology now with ultra high-resolution leads to the next generation of LiDAR. Improved points per second, together with new dynamic region of interest capabilities, allows you to boost your pointcloud resolution in software-defined areas in the field-of-view, enabling your perception stack’s rapid object detection and classification. Whether you’re expanding today’s fleet or developing for the next generation of consumer vehicles, Spectrum HD25 offers an unfair advantage in the autonomous future.

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We’ve been refining LiDAR for the full autonomous future.
June 1, 2021
Achieving safer, more reliable data with interference immunity
How do you know if your choice of LiDAR is providing accurate sensor data that depicts the real world around the car, and is immune to interference from both the environment and other LiDAR? Read how Baraja offers class-leading rejection of interference, no matter the source.
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September 1, 2021
Pairing Doppler with Spectrum-Scan™ technology for a winning LiDAR solution
When it comes to fully autonomous driving, Doppler-enabled long-range LiDAR is a must. This combination leads to LiDAR sensors that are not only capable of long-range detection and measuring velocity...
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Next-generation performance
Interference immunity

The Spectrum-Scan™ platform is the first LiDAR with a unique built-in immunity to all interference. A signal would have to match the exact timing, angle, wavelength and encoding to interfere with our system. This multi-layered protection means no more blind spots in perception and enhanced safety that’s ready for tomorrow’s sensor-filled world.

Blur-free pointcloud

There are several ways sensor data can be compromised, leading to errors in perception and potential accidents. Blurring is an inherent issue for traditional LiDAR systems caused by the rapid mechanical movements of mirrors and lasers. Our technology uses refractive optics to scan in the fast axis without any moving parts, resulting in a pointcloud free from blur, ensuring your perception stack can make time critical decisions for a smooth ride every time.

Speckle-free pointcloud

Through a proprietary receiver photonics chip, we’ve eliminated speckle – ensuring we have the best-in-class ground truth sensor.

Horizontal and vertical foveation

Safe true autonomous driving is made possible with the ability to detect and focus on objects in the field-of-view and dynamically change point density on-the-fly. Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ technology allows points to be foveated to provide maximum density on areas of interest, such as horizon tracking a target as it moves further away. Fully customizable, your perception stack can trigger instant changes without affection reliability.

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