May 9, 2022
Press Release: Baraja showcases per-point Doppler LiDAR technology to accelerate true autonomy
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Full Press Release:

DETROIT- May 10, 2022

Baraja's Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR features per-point Doppler capabilities in the hardware, enabling safer autonomy through robust perception and performance

Baraja, developer of the breakthrough Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR technology for autonomous vehicles, today showcased its industry-first per-point Doppler capabilities, demonstrating significant progress toward the first Random Modulation Continuous Wave (RMCW) LiDAR to deliver Doppler capabilities embedded in the hardware.

Announced at a press briefing during AutoSens Detroit on May 10, the news is the latest in a series of technological advancements Baraja has achieved with its Spectrum HD technology, designed for automotive integration at scale, with samples available to select strategic partners later this year.

Baraja will be demonstrating its Doppler capability on its proven Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR technology, which revolutionizes the autonomous driving landscape by helping vehicles accurately measure the velocity of moving objects and fully understand the world around them.

Traditional LiDAR systems typically rely on computationally-intensive, frame-to-frame estimations of velocity, requiring tradeoffs in performance, accuracy and timeliness of critical measurements. Spectrum HD uses RMCW (Random Modulation Continuous Wave) and homodyne detection to measure the distance and velocity of an object. This means that every point, and every object withinthe scene, has its velocity directly measured, instantly. By combining this detection with Spectrum-Scan™ and RMCW, Spectrum HD helps reliable detection of objects — from pedestrians to vehicles or animals — at long range and speed to enable safer autonomous driving.

Instantaneous per point Doppler velocity measurement, at speed, also enables Spectrum HD to help detect critical edge cases ensuring autonomous vehicles can understand and react to extreme scenarios quickly. By measuring and differentiating objects at speed and long distance, Spectrum HD will enable autonomous vehicles to detect and track small, individual objects such as pedestrians at range, and monitor for sudden changes in movement, which require fast reaction from the vehicle.

“Per-point Doppler at the hardware level is critical to enabling safer and more reliable autonomous driving,” said Federico Collarte, Founder and CEO of Baraja. “We are proud to be the first company to have accomplished this with a RMCW Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR. We continue to meet our milestones and are excited to develop a product that the automotive industry desperately needs.”

In 2021, Baraja announced Spectrum HD, a world-first LiDAR system ready for full autonomy at scale. Spectrum HD delivers high-performance sensing at range, with per-point Doppler capability at the hardware level to enable automotive integration at scale. This announcement is further confirmation Baraja is on track.

Marking a generational leap for automotive LiDAR, the new LiDAR system enables the range, resolution and performance required for true autonomy, without the traditional trade-offs faced by other legacy LiDAR technologies. Spectrum HD removes blur and speckle, and is immune to interference from other light sources, including other LiDARs.

Emil Hallstig, SVP Product Area Lidar at Veoneer, a Tier 1 supplier and strategic partner of Baraja, commented on the announcement saying, “We are excited about the progress we are making with Baraja to bring autonomous driving technology to scale. The ability to measure instantaneous Doppler velocity in a RMCW Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR is unmatched and creates significant opportunities for us in the near future.”

For more information on Baraja please visit www.baraja.com/en/spectrum-hd-coming-soon.

Demonstrating Doppler with RMCW + Spectrum-Scan™; As people move towards the sensor they are observed in blue and then change to red as they begin to move away.
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