Ultra-long effective range LiDAR for autonomous trucking

From the windshield to over 250m away, Baraja’s Spectrum-Scan™ system has unrivalled object detection at long range – giving self-driving trucks precious seconds to make safety-critical decisions at high speeds.

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Spectrum HD25

At the core of all our products is our patented Spectrum-Scan™ technology which uniquely uses wavelength-tunable lasers to scan the environment. The design innovation means we’ve removed the most expensive, bulky and failure-prone components in a LiDAR system – mechanical scanning in the fast axis.

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See further, faster

On average a truck traveling at 100 km/h requires 185m to come to a safe stop. Baraja’s Spectrum HD25 system can see over 200m, to allow for safe long-haul autonomy.

Range and resolution –without sacrificing reliability
Range and resolution

Baraja’s Spectrum-Scan™ platform uses the 1550nm wavelength band that enables software-defined, highly reliable, extreme resolution data increasing the range of effective detection and classification for safer autonomous freight solutions.

Better effective range

Long range perception is paramount for safe autonomous trucking, but sensitivity alone isn’t enough. For safe long-haul trucking you require data that leads to accurate detection – what we call ‘effective range’. Our Spectrum-Scan™ system combines improvements in sensitivity, resolution, beam divergence, accuracy and precision to ensure you can classify even small objects at maximum range.

High-resolution LiDAR

With a 2000 channel vertical axis, Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ technology overcomes the limitations of a rotating mirror/laser based system. Our unique approach uses refraction to completely scan in one axis, with no-moving-parts, we’ve achieved a substantial increase in resolution which is only possible by moving away from mechanical scanning.


Our solid-state vertical scanning removes the need for mechanical motion in one axis, which is a common point of failure. This increased reliability means Spectrum-Scan™ sensors easily meet the stringent automotive requirements for shock resistance, longevity and operation in extreme temperatures. (HALT/HASS, EMC/EMI/ESD, IP67, IEC60950-1 & ISO16750-3 compliant).


Proven performance in dust and fog, designed for high thermal tolerance (-40°C to +85°C) and built to endure shock and vibration on the harshest of roads in all environments.

Vibration and Shock

Handles heavy shock and vibration according to ISO16750-3, IEC60068-2-27 and IEC60068-2-64

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