August 18, 2022
Press Release: Top Organizations Lauded with Prestigious Industry Recognition by Frost & Sullivan for Best-in-Class Performance
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Full press release:

Singapore - August 11, 2022

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards in Asia-Pacific celebrates a giant milestone with the highly anticipated 10th virtual awards ceremony.

For over 20 years, the Best Practices Awards have honored leading companies that have accomplished innovative or disruptive breakthroughs while continually demonstrating tremendous industry achievements. Since transitioning from in-person banquets in 2020, the virtual award ceremonies have played host to award recipients and presenters from across the globe — an opportunity otherwise non-viable under normal circumstances.

Congratulating the awardees, Darrell Huntsman, Chief Executive Officer at Frost & Sullivan, noted that the award recipients are companies that inspire growth in their industries. "I am excited to be a part of this momentous occasion where we acknowledge and reward organizations for their elevated performance, share their outstanding achievements, celebrate their ongoing success, and join in on the excitement of their future plans."

The following award recipient was identified using Frost & Sullivan's proprietary, measurement-based methodology derived from extensive primary and secondary research, in-depth interviews, analyses, and industry benchmarking. Numerous award categories were carefully reviewed and evaluated to reflect the current market landscape and highlight emerging trends. A detailed study was conducted on each of the nominated companies focusing on real-time performance indicators, such as market share, revenue growth, customer acquisition, product/service value, and technology innovation.

Baraja - 2022 Global Automotive LiDAR New Product Innovation Award

The award will be presented at Frost & Sullivan's 10th virtual awards ceremony. The one-hour extravaganza will be livestreamed on 17 August 2022 on YouTube. To learn more about the awards and partnership opportunities for the 2022 awards, please visit https://best-practices.frost.com/.

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