High-performance LiDAR ruggedised for the world’s toughest mining customers

If you’re tired of being let down by conventional LiDAR, talk to us. Baraja’s Spectrum-Scan LiDAR is designed to outperform, and built to last in harsh off-road environments.


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Range and Resolution – without sacrificing Reliability.

When the going gets tough, Baraja LiDAR performs at the highest level. Mount Baraja LiDAR on mining vehicles for vehicle automation, localization and mapping applications.


10X better range than LiDAR sensors traditionally used for mining automation: Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ detects hazards earlier, improving safety margins and increasing productivity.

Resolution and Speed

With beam separation as fine as 0.02º and framerates from 10-40hz, Baraja delivers ultra-high resolution scanning to support real-time object recognition – with scans that are configurable to match a wide range of mining use-cases.


Proven tough through comprehensive independent testing for reliability, durability and dependability (HALT/HASS, EMC/EMI/ESD, IP67, IEC60950-1 & ISO16750-3 compliant).


Proven outperformance in dust and fog, designed for high thermal tolerance (-40C to +85C) and built to endure shock & vibration in the harshest of environments.

Vibration & Shock

Handles heavy shock and vibration according to ISO16750-3, IEC60068-2-27 and IEC60068-2-64 (100G, per IEC60068-2-27 11ms half sine pulse) and vibration (40Grms, 10-1000Hz All 3 axes, per IEC60068-2-64), many mounting positions supported

Australian Made

Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ is designed, manufactured and tested to the highest industry standards right here in the backyard of the world’s mining industry leaders, in collaboration with teams working at the forefront of mining technology development.

Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR uses modular architecture ideal for rugged mining environments.

Baraja Spectrum-Scan™️ is thinking outside the (single) LiDAR box

Baraja Spectrum-Scan™️ uses unique modular architecture to separate the sensors from the laser engine opening up immediate advantages for customers in the mining sector.

Point cloud data is improved as sensors can now be mounted to optimise the field of view while the more sensitive electronics in the laser engine are safely tucked away from the extremities of the vehicle.

“With a lot of LiDAR companies, it’s hard to even talk to the right person but Baraja has been really collaborative, It’s helped us extract the best performance out of our systems as the projects we work on address specific application needs and the communication with Baraja has always been there”

Jochen Franke
CEO Frontier Automation

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A technical introduction to Baraja Spectrum-Scan™.

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