High quality pointcloud data that is 
Winner of Frost & Sullivan Global Automotive LiDAR New Product Innovation Award

Baraja has pioneered an innovative solid-state LiDAR that paves the way for future advancements. Coupled with its strong overall performance, Baraja earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Global New Product Innovation Award in the automotive LiDAR industry.

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Next Generation Lidar
Our technology

Baraja is a deep technology company that has reinvented LiDAR for self-driving vehicles. Our groundbreaking Spectrum-Scan™ platform is setting new benchmarks for precision, range and reliability.

Object detection at long range

We focus on what really matters: maximising the distance that you can accurately detect objects.

Data you can trust

To reach full autonomy, you need data you can rely on.

Automotive integration

Our core technology enables a single chip design and manufacturing at scale.

Our story

Our patented platform, Spectrum-Scan™, takes a fundamentally different approach to LiDAR. Instead of relying on fragile moving parts and oscillating mirrors, we simply refract light through a prism to scan the environment. This unique method allows us to deliver unprecedented range, precision and reliability in even the most extreme environments.

Industry specific
Flexible to your application
Mobility as a Service
Heavy industry
Designed for automotive integration

Our core Spectrum-Scan™ technology has a clear roadmap to a single-chip design and manufacturing at scale.

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Let’s make something great

Let us know how we can help you realize the autonomous future.