Spectrum HD

The core innovation of Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ technology now with ultra high-resolution leads to the next generation of LiDAR.

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Next generation technology

At the core of all our products is our patented Spectrum-Scan™ technology which uniquely uses wavelength-tunable lasers to scan the environment. The design innovation means we’ve removed the most expensive, bulky and failure-prone components in a LiDAR system – mechanical scanning in the fast axis.

LiDAR Performance Characteristics
Long-range object detection
Absolute Range
Single laser, RMCW enabled
Range of Dark Objects
On 10% reflectivity target
Horizontal and vertical
Independent and configurable
Ultra high-resolution
Horizontal Resolution
On-the-fly user configurable
Vertical Resolution
Up to 0.01°
On-the-fly user configurable
Max Point Density
1150 pts/deg²
On-the-fly user configurable enabled by 2M PPS
Data you can trust
Interference Immunity
4 levels immunity
Filtering: angle, frequency, encoding, timing
<±4% pts
<±2% pts
1% pts
On 10% target
Range Fidelity
10% target at 50m
*Image is for illustration purposes only. Baraja reserves the right to make changes to design and specification without further notice to any products herein.
Performance + Versatility
Ultra-long effective range

From the windshield to over 250m away, the Spectrum-Scan™ system has unrivaled object detection at long range – giving self-driving vehicles precious seconds to make safety-critical decisions at high speeds.

Ultra-high resolution

While other LiDAR makers are still solving scanning issues, we’re continually improving the precision of our pointcloud to create trusted data that’s reliable enough for the next milestone in vehicle automation.

True interference immunity

Dependable sensor data that depicts the real world and is immune to interference from both the environment and other LiDAR sensors.

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