October 18, 2022
Baraja and Veoneer enters advanced LiDAR development agreement with global automotive brand
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Full press release:

Sydney - October 19, 2022

Baraja, creator of the breakthrough Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR technology for autonomous vehicles, has entered into an advanced development agreement with a major automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to develop its next-generation Spectrum HD25 LiDAR product specifically for automotive integration. Baraja has entered the agreement alongside its partner, Tier 1 automotive supplier Veoneer, to accelerate the scale required for automotive integration.

The advanced development agreement is a major step forward for automotive integration of the Spectrum HD25 product, bringing together world leaders in automotive safety and demonstrating Spectrum HD25 has Tier One, OEM and partner support. Under the agreement, Baraja will enter the next stage of development for Spectrum HD25.

Spectrum HD25 marks a generational leap for automotive LiDAR, built on Baraja’s proprietary Spectrum-Scan™ solid-state scanning platform, which was designed from the ground up to completely rethink how cars see the world around them to enable true autonomy. The LiDAR system enables the range, resolution and performance required for true autonomy, without the traditional trade-offs faced by other legacy LiDAR technologies. Spectrum HD25 delivers the world’s first LiDAR system combining per-point Doppler capability at the hardware level, with Spectrum-ScanTM and Random Modulation Continuous Wave (RMCW) ranging method to deliver unparalleled performance and accuracy at range and speed.

“Veoneer has spent extensive time evaluating engineering samples of Baraja’s LiDAR technology. This will now include per-point Doppler as we prepare for testing of the Spectrum HD25 production systems. This is a big milestone for Baraja as we continue to solidify the power of our technology for automotive scale,” said Joseph Notaro, Chief Commercial Officer, Baraja. “Our ongoing partnership with Veoneer and cooperation with a global car company have been instrumental in our success and we look forward to all that’s to come in the near future.”

“Veoneer initially chose to partner with Baraja after extensively evaluating 70 LiDAR technology companies globally. Baraja was selected based on the robust technology and product roadmap that lends itself to be among the smallest-size LiDAR technology to enable large scale, vehicle integration,” says Emil Hällstig, SVP Product Area lidar, Veoneer.

Since partnering, Baraja and Veoneer have worked together closely and developed a strong partnership to supply LiDAR technology to global car companies.

About Baraja

Baraja is building the future of LiDAR to enable the autonomous future. With its revolutionary Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR technology, Baraja gives leading automotive companies a solid state system in the fast axis that sets a new benchmark in precision and reliability.

Baraja was founded in 2016 by telecommunications engineers Federico Collarte and Cibby Pulikkaseril, who discovered a way to use the industry’s proven optical fiber + photonics technology to solve the problems faced by legacy LiDAR. Baraja is backed by Sequoia, Blackbird Ventures, Hitachi Construction Machinery and Main Sequence Ventures.

About Veoneer

Veoneer HoldCo, LLC. is an automotive technology company, a world leader in active safety and restraint control systems, focused on delivering innovative, best-in-class products and solutions to our customers. Our purpose is to create trust in mobility. Veoneer is a Tier-1 hardware supplier and system integrator with products being part of more than 125 scheduled vehicle launches for 2022. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Veoneer has 6,100 employees in 11 countries. The Company is building on a heritage of close to 70 years of automotive safety development.

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