There is nothing more exhilarating than seeing customers use our technology to achieve great things.

2020 was a huge growth year for Baraja. Throughout a tough time, we worked with our customers to further develop Spectrum-Scan™ with their needs in mind.

One such project was with NVIDIA – one of the world’s largest chipmakers – where the flexibility of Spectrum-Scan™ allowed us to adapt and tailor technical solutions that now run on the NVIDIA DRIVE platform. Collaborating and integrating with our customers is all part of the global vision to achieve safe, reliable self-driving vehicles at scale.

Our long wavelength, long-range sensors are now working with NVIDIA’s perception and compute solutions, and illustrate the power of flexible, software-defined LiDAR.

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Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ High-resolution pointcloud data
Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ delivers software-defined high-resolution LiDAR

L4 Autonomy and increased resolution

NVIDIA’s goal was to further develop its open platform, and allow several different LiDAR sensors to contribute to an L4 autonomous vehicle’s perception stack.

The platform is designed to allow AV developers to experiment with different variations of a sensor suite, including Baraja’s Spectrum-Scan™, as they continuously improve a vehicle’s capabilities and test new features.

The flexibility of Baraja’s LiDAR meant we could rapidly tailor our sensor’s range, resolution, and field of view (FOV) to meet requirements, flexibility that is being recognized by the inclusion of Baraja LiDAR into NVIDIA’s DRIVE platform. As customer requirements evolve and change, as they inevitably do, Baraja LiDAR can provide a powerful level of flexibility to support.

In comparison to other LiDARs, which offer different hardware configurations (typically different lenses or number of lasers) for different use-cases, Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ is software-defined. One laser. Many wavelengths – that we can address at will. This means we can adapt the technology on-the-fly to any driving scenario and define angular resolutions that aren’t possible with any other technology.

This software-defined approach also means our customers deploy the same hardware across an entire fleet, while maintaining the optimal LiDAR configuration for each vehicle, and this power has seen our LiDAR deployed in different environments – from the harsh environment of a mine site to the safety-critical task of fully-autonomous highway-driving.

For an organization like NVIDIA, this is recognized as an invaluable attribute, enabling customers to achieve better vehicle perception outcomes at even longer ranges.

Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ in the field

From NVIDIA’s autonomous driving platform to global infrastructure projects, Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ is in operation all over the world, delivering powerful results to organizations in a variety of industries.

Our work with NVIDIA illustrates how useful software-defined LiDAR is for the real-world requirements of autonomous vehicle design. Adapting to the needs of individual customers means Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ is helping L4 automation developers of all stripes build and test their projects.

We deeply understand the safety and reliability requirements of autonomous vehicle. That’s why we’ve designed Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ using mature technology, proven through the success of the telecommunications industry, to build a highly reliable, high-performance, and ultimately software-configurable beamsteering mechanism.

Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ provides unprecedented pointcloud range and extremely high-resolution in a reliable and robust package. If this sounds like something that could help your AV project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Working with customers is the vision

We see collaboration as the only way to achieve the future development of safe, reliable self-driving vehicles at scale. Working with our customers forms the basis of our mission at Baraja. Whether it’s working with NVIDIA to support its open AV platform, or adapting to the rugged conditions of large construction sites, Baraja Spectrum-Scan™ has the flexibility to support your vision.

Of course, behind the solution are a team of committed, motivated people, and working with our customers to solve their autonomous problems is what propels us forward. As 2021 kicks off, we’re looking forward to growing alongside our amazing customers and helping them achieve great things with great technology.

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